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Natural Things in their Environments: A Global Perspective

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November 9-12, 2017; Toronto, ON
History of Science Society

The Natural Things project is pleased to present two panels at this year's annual conference of the History of Science Society.

The first panel, "Natural Things and Their Environments: Early Modernity" on Friday, November 10 from 9-11:45 AM, will be chaired by Paula Findlen of Stanford and feature the following talks:

  • Alain Touwaide, The Huntington, Metabolizing Medicinal Plants around the Mediterranean
  • Barbara Di Gennaro, Yale University, Sower of Discord: Balsam in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries
  • Mackenzie Cooley, Stanford University, To Name a Llama: Andean Animals and the Politics of Natural History, 1530-1650
  • Florencia Pierri, Princeton University, Animals Out of Place: The Curious Case of Three American "Tigers"
  • Duygu Yildirim, Stanford University, Coffee, Intellect, and Medicine: Marsigli’s ​Bevanda asiatica

The second panel, "Natural Things Beyond Their Environments: Modernity and Alienation" on Saturday, November 11 from 9-11:45 AM, will be chaired by Jessica Riskin of Stanford and feature the following papers:

  • Sally Kohlstedt, University of Minnesota, Permanence and Transience: New Zealand Natural Objects in Translation
  • Anna Toledano, Stanford University, The Posthumous Lives of the Giant Sloth: The Megatherium’s Path from Artifact to Idea
  • Taylor Morgan, Rutgers University, "Living Fossils": Pelvic Bones and Fertile Wombs as Objects of Natural History in Semi-Colonial Egypt
  • Anne Ricculli, Drew University, When Coral was British: Tracing Victorian Ownership through International Exhibition Narratives, 1851-1862
  • Adrian Van Allen, California Academy of Sciences, Specimens, Samples, Data: Crafting Natural History in a Genomic Age

We all very much look forward to meeting you in Toronto!